Kirkbampton Parish

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Thank You for your interest in booking our village hall.
Please note the following when you are selecting which rooms you wish to hire.

The large kitchen has full commercial cooking facilities including hobs, ovens and dishwasher and therefore is more suitable for larger events such as weddings etc or any event that involves the preparation and cooking of food.

The small kitchen only has access to a kettle for the purposes of making tea or coffee. It is also suitable for use as a mobile bar area although the hall does not have a licence to sell alcohol. This choice may also be suitable for Children’s Parties etc where finger buffet is the preferred food option.

If you have any problems with your bookings please phone 01228 576869 or make a comment in the event information box. Please note that this number goes direct to an answering machine. Please allow the machine to kick in (it may ring up to 8 times) and leave a message and your number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Estimated Booking Cost:


Costs will be confirmed before your booking is finalised.