Kirkbampton Parish

Village Hall

The new hall replaced the old village hall (an ex-army Nissan hut) which, although much loved by the village was sadly past its sell by date.  The new hall opened in October 2001 thanks to a National Lottery award, the sale of the land where the old hall stood and a fantastic fundraising programme. The new modern building includes a large hall capable of events of up to 200 people with a stage, fully functioning commercial kitchen and 2 smaller meeting rooms that can be hired on an individual or full hire basis 365 days of the year.

Kirkbampton Village Hall is a registered charity managed by 3 trustees and a committee of 9 who currently live in Kirkbampton and Thurstonfield. All volunteer their time and efforts to ensure that the hall is managed within Charity Commission guidelines.  In addition to the trustees and committee we acknowledge the help of volunteers who help manage the grounds and building, our hall user group managers who run the various activities and to our community who actively support the hall ensuring its sustainability.

The charity is a not for profit organisation any surplus of funds are invested in reserves. Accounts are produced on an annual basis following our year end 31 July and the Annual General Meeting is held on the 2nd Monday in September to which there is an open invitation to the community to attend.

It is with deep regret that we have to advise that our village hall trustee Aileen Rosie has passed away.

Aileen’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 28th August at 12.20pm at Carlisle Crematorium.

There will not be many people in the village and area who will not have met Aileen who throughout her life supported the community and was always ready with a warm smile and a helping hand. Her help and advice will be sorely missed. Her involvement with Kirkbampton Village Hall stretches back many years but we acknowledge in particular her involvement in the new hall which has been invaluable.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Aileen’s family and this sad time.