Kirkbampton Parish

Parish Council

Kirkbampton is a small parish situated in the far North West of Cumbria in North West England.

The area encompasses the villages of Kirkbampton, Little Bampton, Oughterby, Studholme and Ploughlands, as well as having close links with Thurstonfield which is in the adjoining Parish of Burgh by Sands. Kirkbampton Parish is officially under Allerdale District Council control but it is over 60km to Workington (the administrative centre) and the Eastern Boundary of the Parish is also the boundary between Allerdale and Carlisle City.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact on of your Councillors. Should you wish to address the full Council on any matter, there is a Public Participation section on each agenda.

Kirkbampton Parish Council takes your privacy seriously and would like to inform you that by contacting the parish Clerk at Kirkbampton Parish Council or carrying out work on behalf of Kirkbampton Parish Council this may result in you providing personal information which you consent to the Parish Council holding.

Your personal data will be kept in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the council will not pass your personal data to any other individual or organisation.

It should be noted under the Financial Regulations & Governance which Kirkbampton Parish Council are bound by that some personal information is required to be minuted and available in the public domain.

If you are concerned with any interaction with the Parish Council with regard to your personal details please contact the Clerk.

Kirkbampton Parish Council Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy can be found in the Documents / Governance section of the website.