Kirkbampton Parish


Kirkbampton is a small parish situated in the far North West of Cumbria in North West England. The area encompasses the villages of Kirkbampton, Little Bampton, Oughterby, Studholm and Ploughlands, as well as having close links with Thurstonfield which is in the adjoining Parish of Burgh by Sands.

Kirkbampton Parish is officially under Allerdale District Council control but it is over 60km to Workington (the administrative centre) and the Eastern Boundary of the Parish is also the boundary between Allerdale and Carlisle City. In this respect, socially, the village has more of an affinity to Carlisle than it has to Allerdale.

The largest of the villages is Kirkbampton itself and is laid out in a linear form along the B5307 being the main route between Carlisle and Kirkbride and onwards to Wigton and West Cumbria. There are two small modern estates of Oaks Lane and Solway View off this linear route. Kirkbampton School (Infants and Primary) lies on the Eastern boundary of the village alongside the new Village Hall built in 2001 with a National Lottery grant.