Kirkbampton Parish

Methodist Chapel Thurstonfield

Although the chapel is not technically part the village, it was felt that it should be included in this section because:

  • The provision of the Sunday School is used by the children of Kirkbampton, Thurstonfield etc and
  • There is no mention, that I can find of the chapel on any other web site.

In September 1861 on the land purchased for the sum of £5 from Mr. Thomas Stordy, a farmer, a Methodist chapel was built attached to the Wesleyan Circuit based in Carlisle.

Most of the Trustees then were not recognisable names from the local community, but like the Ministers lived elsewhere.

For the Golden Jubilee of 1911 the vestry/Sunday School room was built at a cost of £79 and electricity was connected to the Chapel in 1935.

A new larger entrance porch was built in 1994 and mains water added as late as 1996.
In 1998/99 a program of updating the interior of the chapel was undertaken. Disabled facilities were added and the vestry extended to provide a servery. The wooden pews were removed and replaced with upholstered chairs and the floor carpeted throughout.

Until 1998 access to the chapel was via a cindered track without street lighting. As part of the housing development at Chapelfield, next to the chapel a new road was laid and street lighting added.

Thurstonfield Chapel is part of the Carlisle Methodist circuit and although changes have been made to the inside and outside of the chapel God has not changed and the chapel continues to serve the community through it’s various activities.

Thurstonfield Chapel have a weekly 6.30pm Sunday service.

Thanks to George Denholm for this information.